My Testimony

After years of struggling with depression and wrestling with my faith, I finally turned my life over to Christ. I decided I wasn’t the only one who needed to hear the encouragement from Scripture I was reading to challenge and grow their faith.

I continued to wrestle and struggle through other toxic relationships, as I didn’t believe anyone could love me the way Jesus did. Inside these devotions, I open up about some of what I’ve been through on this journey. These devotions aren’t just written for readers, it’s written for me too, to reflect on how God speaks to me during hard times.

At the same time, I launched into the financial advice industry. Surrounded by overwhelming greed and confusion, I wanted to set myself apart as a Christian financial planner. This is no easy task as a young adult. In my quest to change the industry, I can tell there are still a lot of areas on confusion about this industry and too many voices with bad advice trending. I hope to be an educational source for those looking for true financial wisdom.

On my blog you will find a mix between some of my favorite devotionals and some words of wisdom as someone qualified in the financial planning space. General advice is not personal advice; if you need personal advice contact me or another trusted professional.

At the core of this site, I hope the theme of unbrokenness shines through, both in understanding God’s love and biblical perspectives on finance.