My Testimony

I was once stuck in a toxic relationship, and when he dumped me, I fell into a terrible depression. I found myself withdrawing from absolutely everything and sleeping 12-15 hours a night. My friends and family were concerned for my health, as they should have because I was in a very dark place. Over the next couple months, I kept telling myself I’d do better, but once the next semester of college hit, I found myself right back in that dark place.

On January 22nd, 2017, I woke up knowing exactly what to do. I realized I had not been living out the faith I claimed to have and I was relying too much on what I thought this world had to offer. That morning, I got down on the floor of my room and pleaded with God to break down all of my walls of fear, rejection, guilt, and more fear. And I came to Jesus for the first time truly knowing I was free and saved.

That morning, my entire life changed. I was once this introverted shy person, but God changed my heart to be so extroverted with a passion to reach others. I’ve had the opportunity to see God work through me connecting with so many people and writing these devotionals. It’s hard to believe that what started as a word of encouragement that I sent to a few friends would become a ministry. Over the next 2 months, the words became devotionals and the list to send to people has grown to almost 40 people, and they send it on to more of their friends. I continued to pray for an outlet to grow this ministry, and God provided. I was blessed with the opportunity to start this blog, and I’m excited to see where God takes this.

June 2017 Update

Brothers and sisters, this is beginning to become a wild ride. God has blessed this ministry to reach a hundred people via text and many more online. Viewed in at least four countries worldwide, God has now sent these words overseas. Keep sharing and never give up what God lays on your heart.


October 2017 Update

Fellow believers, I am so excited to launch into the next phase of Love Unbroken! I have officially become a published author through Amazon. Thank you all for sharing in this ministry journey with me. This blog has viewers from twenty different countries. God is so good and faithful to have blessed this ministry in many ways.